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The Art of Letting Go

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The hardest part about organizing your home is decluttering. There are a million questions that run through our minds when we are trying to make sense of all the clutter.

How much is too much?

What if I need this and I get rid of it?

What if I figure out what this charger goes to?

What if I finally lose weight or gain weight and those jeans fit again?

But what you really need to be asking yourself is:

What stress is it causing me by keeping it?

How much time am I losing trying to find things, because I have so much to look through?

What if I had a home where everything was in it's place and it was effortless to clean?

The number 1 thing holding you back

It's okay! We've all been there. And without guidance, it's hard to even know where to start. But it's time to give yourself the permission to let go. Let go of the expensive items that never see the light of day. Let go of the antique that your Aunt Suzy gave you, that sits in the back of the cabinet. It's okay to let these go.

Pricey Items: These are so hard to donate or even sell because you worked hard for the money that you spent on them. But that money is long gone now. And instead of using it, it's now pushed back to the far end of your closet, long forgotten about. What purpose is that serving you? What joy does it bring you, to know that you don't like it anymore or don't use it, but you still are holding onto it? Thank it for the good memories and give it a new home. If it's still in good shape, than let someone else appreciate it. There are so many selling apps available now, you can even try to recoup some of your money. ****If you are going to sell things, hold onto them no longer than 10 days! If it doesn't sell, donate it to a shelter or a charity that is dear to your heart.

Sentimental Items: These are the HARDEST. And I understand. When re-homing sentimental items, ask family members if they can use it first. Take pictures and store them on Google drive or one of the many storage apps. And remember, just because you let go of sentimental items, it does not erase the memory of that person or event. You will always have that.

And most importantly: All items that are bought or gifted to you, sentimental or not, are meant to either bring you joy or serve some kind of functionality in your life. The things in your home are not meant to burden you by creating more work, causing more stress, or taking time away from you. If you have an item that is not loved or functional...well you get the drill.

Let It Go. I promise it will be worth it in the end.

Be Well and Create JOY.

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