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We start your journey with letting go of everything that doesn't serve a purpose or bring you joy.


Next we will group all like-items together for easy organizing and easy maintenance.


Lastly, we give all of your items a home, containing them in beautiful bins, and completing your organizing journey!


  • ​Kitchen and Pantry

  • Bedrooms and Closets

  • Children's Rooms and Play Rooms

  • Garage & Storage Closets

  • Laundry Room

  • Mud Rooms

  • Office and Dens

  • Activity/Craft Rooms

  • Guest Rooms and Closets

  • Living and Dining Rooms

  • Entry and Hall Ways

  • Bathrooms

  • Paper Clutter

  • Packing/Unpacking


  • Shopping Assistance 

  • Travel and expenses (30 miles outside of 92120 or 85258)

  • Furniture, custom supplies and luxury materials

  • Garages May-September (any excessive heat days above 90 degrees)

Living Room
Open Space Office

Business Services

Retail Services:

  • Maximizing the square footage of your location

  • Optimizing displays for the best customer experience

  • Creating a natural flow and ideal brand perception

  • Rearranging products and your floor plan

  • Organizing items to increase sales

Commercial Services:

  • Eliminating paper clutter

  • Creating efficient filing systems

  • Organizing team member's desks to decrease idling

  • Rearranging cubicles and desks to increase productivity

  • Generating more positive customer experiences

virtual services

1:1 Coaching:

  • 1 organizational expert to guide you via video call

  • Personalized action plan

  • Organizational guidebook with checklists and worksheets to meet your goals

  • Weekly progress calls with your organizational expert

  • Easy step by step process to reach your goals

Online Courses:

  • Self-paced, online course​
    • Easy to follow and complete on your schedule​
    • Training videos to guide you through decluttering and organizing each room in your home 
    • Learn time-management, organizational and cleaning skills to organize your home and keep it maintained
    • Simple and easy solutions
    • Organizational guidebook with checklists and action planning
Image by Arnel Hasanovic


Living Room


The Lifestyle of Joy truly made my life better. I feel such a relief that the clutter is finally gone and my home is filled with only my favorite things now!

Office with a View


Christina was great at setting up my office. The pile of papers that was taking over my desk is now filed into a system that I can actually maintain. 

Brand New Kitchen


Christina is amazing and organized my kitchen and I have so much less stress now!!!! Love her work.

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